Hickory Hill Merchandise

Information for 2019 will be available soon!

Show your Hickory Hill spirit!  A fresh new line of club apparel is available at the Gatehouse!  Come see us at the Gatehouse and see what's new this year.

Hickory Hill Cinch Sacs   $10.00
Hickory Hill Green Tees   $10.00
Hickory Hill Yellow Tees  $10.00
Hickory Hill Hoodies   $20.00       Hickory Hill Swim Caps    $4.00
Goggles                                $10.00
Goggle Straps                       $5.00
Sunscreen                            $6.00

All sales are final, so please double check sizes.


Hickory Hill offers pizza made by Rix's/Ricotta's Country Store.  The pizza is allergy-friendly.

Welcome to the Gatehouse

The Gatehouse is located at the main gate entrance to the club.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served throughout the season.

The prices and hours listed are for the 2018 season.

Menu 2018

Ricotta's Pizza                             $2.25
Sahlens Hot Dogs                       $2.25
Grilled Hamburgers                    $2.25
Grilled Cheeseburgers               $2.75
Breakfast Pizza                            $3.00
Fresh Baked Jumbo Muffins    $1.25
(Pizza is offered Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays)
(Hamburgers/Hot Dogs are offered Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays)

Pop                                                $1.00
Gatorade                                      $1.00
Iced Tea                                        $1.00
Bottled Water                              $1.00
Fresh Brewed Coffee                 $1.50

Drumstick                                    $1.00
Ice Cream Sandwich                 $1.00
Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich    $1.00
Popsicle                                        $.50
ICEE                                                $.50
Welch's Fruit Snack                    $1.00
Chips /Popcorn                            $.50
Peanuts / Cashews                      $.75
Oreo Cookies                                $1.00
Rice Krispie Treats                        $.50
Candy                                              $.75
Cotton Candy                                $1.50

Healthier snack options are available including Clif Bars, Frozen Go-Gurts and Pirate's Booty.

Please note:  There is a minimum purchase of $10.00 if using a credit card at the Gatehouse.  Change from a credit card purchase will be given in Hickory Bucks.  


Information for 2019 will be available soon

Monday - Thursday  9am - 8pm
Friday                           9am - 3pm
Saturday                     9am - 1pm
Closed Sundays

You can also find the Gatehouse open during some social events.

Hickory Bucks

Are you tired of giving your child a dollar here and there?  Hickory Bucks are a great option!

They are sold in $5 increments and are good for anything in the Gatehouse. 

Visit the Gatehouse to purchase Hickory Bucks.  Lost Hickory Bucks will not be replaced.

Gatehouse Staff

Come grab lunch and say hi to returning staff member, Erin Kearns!