As a member-owned club, we need your help in running the club throughout the season.  Please sign up for work hours to get the club ready for the season, or to keep the club running during the season.  There are many opportunities to complete your yearly work hour requirements. 

Trial members (first year members) are exempt from work hour requirements.

Work Hour Information

Members must sign up for work hours by May 15, 2019 and complete work hours by Labor Day, otherwise a fee is assessed.

April 6th (Rain date: April 13th)  or
May 4th  (Rain date: May 11th) or
Various work hours during the Season!

Work days are typically from 9am-2pm.  

Getting the Club Ready

Yard Work - Clean up yard both inside and outside of fenced area.  Collect leaves, branches, and rubbish.  Move debris to street for collection.

Trail Work - Clean up trail in back of club.  Rake leaves and debris off trail all the way to the bridge entrance, remove all debris from rear gate entrance, and straighten wood pile.

Area Setup - Setup tables, chairs, benches, garbage cans, grills, children's swings and toys.  Place guard stands and move bleachers.  

Ladder Work - Clean out gutters, install speakers, and secure pavilion awnings.    

Court Clean-up - Clean-up basketball court and setup basketball nets.  Roto-till volleyball court and setup net.  Clean tennis and basketball court run-off drains.   

Pool  - Sweep out Pool, clean pool rim, power wash pool, paint as needed.      

Power Wash - As required around the club.

Beautification Work - Clean out and weed flower beds.  Weed deck area.  Spread mulch.  

Building Clean-up - Clean, scrub and setup all rooms in main building and gatehouse.

Mulch Work - Finish all remaining gardening.

Odd Jobs - Painting, staining, and other odd jobs as per VP of Grounds.    

We may also offer "Work Day Wednesdays" during evenings this year for those who are unable to do weekend hours.  Please contact VP of Grounds for more information.