Tennis Lessons

Tennis Lessons

Ready to hit the courts? 

To ensure the health and safety of all players and staff, COVID protocols will be in place for all activities at the tennis courts.

Hickory Hill offers tennis lessons for children ages 4 and up. Tennis lessons run Monday through Friday for 45 minutes each day. Our program is divided into five lesson groups, based on players’ skill levels.  Players will be assessed during the first week of lessons and placed in their appropriate ability level. 

Choose your time, based on your child’s age.

  • Back this year, PEE WEE Tennis lessons: Ages 4 – 6 – from 8:00 to 8:45 am. (This runs on a separate court than competitive players in the same time slot.)

2021 Tennis Lessons Cost is $150.00 for 6 full weeks of everyday instruction.

Membership dues must be paid in full prior to enrolling your tennis player. Registration opens for tennis lessons is now open. Click HERE to purchase lessons. Please complete the Emergency Contact Form and bring it with you to practice. 

2021 Tennis Lessons start Monday, June 21st

Private Tennis Lessons:

Email head coach Chase Rangel for more information. Please put “Hickory Hill private lessons” in the subject line. 

Tennis Lesson Level Guidelines

Ages are provided as a guideline only. The tennis coaches will evaluate each student during the first two classes and contact the parents if a change in level is recommended. Often, players will remain at the same level for more than one season in order to master skills. Listed are some benchmark skills that should be mastered before graduating to the next level.

Level 1  – Beginners or second year of lessons. Introductions to basic strokes and movement. Learn boundaries, etiquette, and begin developing ability to rally.

Level 2  – One to three seasons of previous lessons. Focus is on consistency, placement of shots, and directional change. Children entering level 2 should be able to rally 3 times over the net with a partner (one bounce), hit 7 of 10 forehand strokes over the net from the service line, 5 of 10 backhand strokes over from the service line, 5 of 10 serves in the correct box from the service line, and 5 of 10 volleys over the net.

Level 3 – Focus on refining fundamentals and introduction of spins, shot selection, and strategy. Students entering level 3 should be able to rally 6 times over the net with a partner, hit 7 of 10 forehand strokes over the net from the baseline (back court), 6 of 10 backhands over the net from the baseline, hit 5 of 10 serves in the correct box on each side, and hit 7 of 10 volleys into the opposite service box.

Level 4 – (Competitive Play) – Focus on mastery of fundamentals, advanced footwork, weapon development, and shot selection strategy. Players entering level 4 should be able to rally at least 10 times over the net with a partner including at least 3 backhands, 7 of 10 serves in the correct box, and volley 10 of 15 balls beyond the service line.

Ladder Play

A tennis ladder is an intra-club league in which players are ranked on a “ladder,” (arranged like rungs of a ladder). As a player wins or loses, the player moves up or down in position on the tennis ladder. The goal is to finish the season ranked #1 on the ladder, or for more recreational players it’s a great opportunity to just play a ton of matches and improve your game.

Intra-club ladder play is open to all kids in the tennis program, lessons and competitive play. Coaches will provide guidance and encourage the players to challenge each other to compete. It is a fun way to play with friends and improve your skills. There is no additional cost to participate in ladder match competition. 

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